10 Things to consider when choosing a training provider

10 things to consider when choosing a training provider

Choosing the right training provider is a pivotal decision for nursery managers and owners, shaping the learning experience for your dedicated staff members. To assist you in this crucial decision-making process, here are ten key considerations tailored to meet the unique needs of your nursery team.

1. Ofsted Rating: Setting the Standard for Early Years Excellence

Begin your evaluation by checking the training provider’s Ofsted rating. For optimal results, we recommend selecting providers with a rating of ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding,’ ensuring a commitment to excellence in early years training.

Aspire training team is rated as a good provider by Ofsted

2. Success Rates: Ensuring Effective Learning Outcomes

Assess the apprenticeships, 16-18, and adult skills success rates of the training provider. Look for rates above 65%, indicating a dedication to effective learning outcomes, specifically tailored to the early years sector.

3. Trainer-to-Learner Ratio: Personalised Attention for Your Team

Consider the number of learners per full-time trainer. Opt for a provider with no more than 50 learners per trainer, ensuring your staff receives personalised attention, fostering a conducive learning environment.

4. Accreditation: Choosing a training provider with a Stamp of Quality

Check if the training provider holds accreditation from relevant professional bodies, such as Matrix standards. Accreditation is a stamp of quality, assuring that your team receives training aligned with the highest industry standards.

5. Certified Trainers: Early Years Expertise in Action

Ensure that the trainers are certified and maintain continuous professional development (CPD) in early years subjects. Your staff deserves to learn from experts who stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in early childhood education.

6. Additional Services: Supporting Nursery Growth

Explore additional services offered, such as short courses, recruitment assistance, or career advice. These extras can enhance your staff’s overall learning experience and contribute to the growth of your nursery.

7. Flexibility in Delivery: Tailoring Learning to Your Nursery Setting

Assess the flexibility within the programme delivery format. A quality training provider should accommodate different learning styles and the unique needs of your nursery team, ensuring a tailored and adaptable learning approach.

8. In-Person Assessments: Practical Application in Early Years

Consider the number of in-person assessments within the programme. Striking the right balance ensures a comprehensive learning experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application in the early years setting.

9. End Point Assessment Rate: Ensuring Success

For apprenticeship programmes, inquire about the end point assessment rate. A recommended benchmark is over 85%, ensuring that your staff is well-prepared for the next steps in their early years careers.

10. Sustainability Integration: Shaping Future Leaders

Investigate whether the training provider integrates sustainability throughout their programs. A commitment to sustainability not only aligns with global values but also prepares your team to be socially responsible early years professionals.

By carefully considering these tailored aspects, you can confidently choose a training provider that aligns with the unique needs of your nursery. Set your team on a path to success, where each staff member contributes to the excellence of your nursery environment! Choose wisely, and let the learning journey begin!

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