52 improvements, 52 weeks: Week 1 – Fresh Fruit

Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that we don’t eat enough of, including potassium (healthy blood pressure, prevention of heart disease, stroke, kidney stones, bone density) fibre, (bowel health and for radiant skin) vitamin C, folic acid (forming red blood cells to oxygenate your body and the most important nutrient for pregnant women because it helps reduce the risks of defects arising during fetal development).  Fruit helps drive away cancer.


When you eat fruit your supply of energy increases in no time; this is one of the prime benefits of fruits that we can use in our busy schedules.  Fruit on an empty stomach also helps you hair, with maintaining your humour, reduces dark circles under the eyes, and is better for you than eating it with a main meal or with lots of water due to its acidity.

Therefore I’m asking Managers of every nursery, every office,  to place a bowl in their staff room (out of sunlight), and order fresh local fruit, without plastic wrappers, and to encourage all staff to have a healthy snack during the day.  I have gone to the local greengrocer myself today to order a box of fruit once a week for Head Office colleagues on behalf of the office manager.  There is a cost to this,  so lets make it worth while and eat it all up!  Peel, pips, rinds, skins into the composters please!

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