52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 11 – Sporks

As part of our welcome goodie bag for new colleagues in all parts of the organisation, we have purchased some Sporks – which are combined fork/spoons and in this case also with a serrated edge for a knife!

After receiving feedback from colleagues, we found that the use of reusable sporks would be very useful not only for people to eat their pack lunches with, but would replace plastic one-use cutlery which you might be tempted to use otherwise and which would ultimately end up going to landfill.

Our custom Aspire Training Team and Tops Day Nurseries sporks are made from recycled metal. Although the sporks have been implemented to go into new starter goodie bags, we are issuing sporks to all 750 of our valued existing colleagues.

We have chosen recycled metal over bamboo because the metal ones will last longer and therefore not use up resources…reduce, re-use, recycle! Secondly, from a hygiene perspective washing metal sporks is fine, whereas bamboo sporks will begin to break down over quite a short time, and of course harbour germs.

As with many sustainable products, the initial investment is higher but the cost is lower in the longer term.

We hope you will value them both at work, but also at home, perhaps enjoying a picnic or while travelling.

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