52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 20 – Increased Training Allowance

In our contracts, we have included a paid training allowance of 2 days per year for decades. We are pleased to announce the paid training allowance will be increased to much more than the 2 days allocated to support individuals development.

This decision was made after the realisation that in practice, all of our staff have been doing far more training than the 2 days allocated.

All our apprentices do 20% off the job training, paid, which amounts to around 48 days per year, all colleagues who are the identified First Aid at Work people have 3 days training on just that every year.  All managers attend a managers meeting every month, of which the vast majority is training, so 12 days per year, plus we have the Annual Conference (two this year).

On top of this, many of our staff attend a number of short courses such as Management, Leadership, Buddying, Coaching, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, Paediatric First Aid (12 hours), The Tops Induction, Yoga, Cooks Forum, Administration training days, and many more.

It is our belief that it is only through outstanding training and development, teaching, buddying, coaching, mentoring, leadership and management can we offer outstanding childcare and education to the children in our care, and outstanding service to parents, colleagues and suppliers, so we are proud to announce that the paid training allowance is far more than 2 days per person, pro rata, per year, subject to needs of the business.

The individual, and contracts and handbooks are being changed to reflect this.


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