52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 29 – “Eco friendly” Lunch Bags for all Colleagues

In future, all new colleagues will receive a lunch bag on completion of their 12-week reviews, as part of a welcome to the company, but in line, with us valuing our existing staff we will be handing these out to all staff as one of our 52 improvements in 52 weeks project.


These are our latest contribution to assisting colleagues to enjoy a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.   The lunch bags are insulated so you can put hot or cold food into them.

We have tested the size and you can get 4 Chinese takeaway plastic boxes in them – more than enough to keep you going for most of the day – and without buying one-use plastic-wrapped food on the way to work.

The lunch bags will save you money every week but will take you a minute or two to pack at home with your favourite sandwiches, pasta or salad, rather than a minute or two to choose and pay for, in the shop.  Plus you will have the feel-good factor of knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment and future generations every day by not buying one-use plastic and by using these bags which are made from recycled plastic, and can be recycled again when you have finished using them by giving them to someone who can, or by placing in your recycling bin.

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