52 Improvements, 52 weeks: Week 30 – 1 Week Full Sick Pay

Following the recent survey where we asked colleagues to choose one benefit they would like to see added as an additional employment benefit, we have decided in addition to the extra day’s holiday to implement the 2nd most popular choice: 1 week sick pay.


Going forward, the company will allow colleagues to be paid 1-week full pay when absent from work due to ill health, medical condition or illness and is unable to work due to admission to hospital with a chronic illness or medical condition i.e. appendicitis, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes, etc.  Line managers will require proof of hospitalisation to confirm dates in relation to the length of your stay in the hospital, along with an explanation of why you were admitted.

The week’s full sick pay take immediate effect as of July and we hope by implementing this additional benefit it assists those colleagues financially when they are admitted to hospital due to ill health.

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