52 improvements, 52 weeks – Week 9 – Games In Staff Rooms

Relaxing during breaks should be an important part of your day. One suggestion, as part of the Annual Colleague Survey, was to introduce board games and relaxation activities, such as colouring, into your colleague break room.

We think this is a fantastic idea to help colleagues unwind and would like to hand over the reins for you to choose activities to suit your staff room. Be sure to check out your local car boot sales, charity shops and tabletop sales to grab some great games! Not only will you save your budget to invest in more games, but support our sustainable approach of recycling and reusing.

Each nursery has a budget for staff welfare and these will be funded through this.

You may be interested to know what is funded under your staff welfare budget and the answer is that there are 2 parts to the budget.

  • Part 1 – For uniform and badges, Christmas parties, Ofsted celebrations plus other things which are authorised by HR.
  • Part 2 – For more local items that are authorised by each manager, such as – counselling, prescriptions, dentist, staff fruit & snacks, and now for games also.   If you would like more information on how this is spent each year please just ask your manager.

We’d love to see your choice of games, please make sure you share photos in the Hadland Employee Facebook Group!

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