52 Weeks 52 Improvements: Week 12 – Wet bags

We are delighted to be able to offer every colleague with a small child a wetbag.

Wet bags are waterproof bags that can be used to store wet and soiled clothes and/or wet and soiled reusable nappies. These are so that wet clothes or cloth nappies can be returned home without soaking the rest of their belongings in their bags.  This will save you money in not having to buy one and will also help us all reduce our impact on the environment by replacing the need for one use plastic nappy sacs.

Once there are wet or soiled clothes in the bag all you need to do is tip the contents into your washing machine by turning the bag inside out and then leaving the wet bag in the machine with the soiled clothes ready to be washed.

Each bag is 27cms by 22cms, has a waterproof lining and a hanging loop. The bags can be washed at up to 60 degrees and can also be tumble dried.

The bags are available to parents and colleagues to purchase at a cost of £3.50. We aren’t selling these wet bags to make a profit, we want to cover the cost of the bag and encourage more parents to stop using one use plastic and support our ethos to become plastic free nurseries.

Please speak to your managers about receiving your free bag or if you would like to purchase one.

We hope you love them as much as we do, we’re busy thinking of other uses for them including toiletry bags, swimming bags for wet costumes, the list is endless! Let us know if you find another use for them that you think would be good to share with others! We’ll be compiling photos to share on our Facebook pages in the near future.

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