52 Weeks 52 Improvements: Week 14 – Consortium Discount

I am delighted to inform you that with immediate effect, all staff will be able to order from our core list with the ‘consortium’ and will benefit from up to 80% discount on some lines.

As part of our 52 improvements, we have been researching ways that our colleagues can benefit from some of the amazing discounts that we get with our suppliers.

The consortium offers a wide range of products from toys, books, stationery and cleaning products.

Please visit the website at www.consortiumeducation.com. You will get 10% off all lines, however, higher discounts are applied to our core range. To browse our core range in your own time, this would need to be done via the Nursery login details and at a time that is convenient for the Admin / Manager.

If you wish to place an order this will need to be done through your settings login details, add the items you require to the basket and the discount will automatically be applied. When you go to check out you will be given 2 options:

Payment on account or Credit/Debit card. For personal items you must pay there and then by credit or debit card and the items will be delivered directly to the setting.

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