6 helpful revision tips

We have come up with some different revision tips that we find helpful…

  1. Remove distractions

If you are easily distracted by Facebook or online shopping then you should try apps like Leach Block or Self-Control for Mac. These apps can help you stay away from any distractions you come across whilst revising.

  1. Revise in the shower

Put some Post-it notes on the outside of the shower and test your memory whilst you shower. This method helps to stop you wasting any downtime. You are also more likely to take in information if you are feeling relaxed.

  1. Try an audio recorder

Record your notes and listen back to them. This is the perfect revision tool for when you are on the go.

  1. Treat yourself

Hide small treats in your revision book to help motivate you through particularly difficult or dull sections of your work.

  1. Try singing your notes

Everyone remembers the words to the newest songs and our memory can be triggered to recall this when listening to a specific song. Replace the lyrics to a memorable song with your notes and make a recording of these: you can then play them back a few times and soon enough you’ll be able to recall your notes almost effortlessly!

  1. Watch a comedy

Laughing can boost your mood which is a good way to increase your attention span, motivation and memory! Remember not to break for too long as you’ll find it difficult to get back into the motion of revising.

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