6 ways you can help your child prepare for the first day of their new job

After weeks of waiting, the big day has almost arrived. The day that you never imagined all those years ago, when your child was a toddler and taking their first steps. Now, they have left school and you want to help them make a great impression on their first day in their new job.

Here’s what you can do to give them the best chances of success:

  1. Do they know the route?

Sit down with your child and help them plan their travel arrangements in advance of their first day. Make sure they know the exact location of their workplace and which bus/trains they will need to take to get there. If they are walking, ensure they know how long their journey will take. No one wants to start their first day late or lost on public transport!

  1. Help them choose what to wear

When your child is choosing what to wear for their first day, steer them towards sensible dress options. Some companies may have a uniform policy, so it is worthwhile checking beforehand.

  1. Make sure they have breakfast

This will stave off the 10am rumbles and allow your child to better concentrate on all the new things they will need to learn on their first day. If they don’t normally eat breakfast, encourage them to still have something small, like a yogurt or piece of fruit.

  1. Give them a packed lunch

It might not be clear yet what the arrangements are for your child to eat at lunch time, so cater for all possibilities by packing them something to eat. This will take the worry away from where they need to go if food is not available for them to eat at the workplace itself.

  1. Make sure their phone is charged

This will be helpful in case of emergency. For instance, if your child gets lost on their commute and needs to call the company or if, due to unforeseen circumstances, your child thinks they will be late. It is also a good idea to save the workplaces’ phone number in your child’s phone address book; this way, if your child is in a situation where they are not able to google the companies phone number, they will always have it to hand.

  1. Give them spare change

If your child loses their train ticket, needs to pay for their bus fare, or cannot find a cash machine to use in the local area – it’s always a good idea to make sure your they have taken some spare change with them in case they need to use it.

Lastly, remind them to smile when they arrive….the first few seconds will give the employer a lasting impression of their new staff member.

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