Alcohol Guidelines

The recommended daily guidelines for adult alcohol consumption are based on units and these guidelines have been around for a while but the understanding around units is still not fully comprehended by everyone. The number of units differs depending on the type of drink as well as the size and strength of the drink making it hard to know how many units you are drinking.

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol and many factors influence the effect alcohol can have on the body, therefore, it is important to stay within the recommended limits to avoid health-related implications.

The alcohol guidelines for women are: 2-3 units a day

The alcohol guidelines for men are: 3-4 units a day

Wine Beer, Lager & Cider Spirits
Red, White or Rose (ABV 13%)

Small 125 ml Glass = 1,6 units

Standard 175 ml = 2.3 units

Large 250 ml = 3.3 units

An average 750 ml bottle of wine = 10 units

Regular strength (ABV 4%)

Can = 1.8 units, Pint = 2.3 units

Strong Strength (ABV 5.2%)

Can – 2.2 units, Pint – 3 units

Extra Strong (ABV 8%)

Can = 3.5 units, Pint = 4.5 units

25 ml single spirit & mixer

(ABV 40%) = 1 unit

275 ml bottle of alcopop

(ABV 5.5%) = 1.5 units

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