An apprenticeship can lead you to business success

A recent study, carried out by UK-based internet marketing agency Verve Search, has shown that around 25% of the world’s wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs dropped out of their university or college courses, favouring on the job learning.


The research shows the importance of apprenticeships when it comes to carving out a successful career, and highlights the fact that being able to access a variety of learning methods is crucial in order to give everyone the same opportunities in business.


An apprenticeship allows young people to develop business skills while earning the relevant qualifications, including the day to day running of a business, working as a team, communication and potentially team management and leadership; the fundamentals to running a successful business.


Of course, some professions require a degree, such as in the medical sector, and a high number of young people will still find university their preferred route of study.  An equally high number of people don’t achieve their potential by continuing academic study and prefer learning by doing, and it’s this section of people who will benefit from an apprenticeship, particularly now that higher level apprenticeships are available.


This study is crucial in working against the notion that you can only achieve success in the business world by going to university and having a degree, when actually a high number of currently successful entrepreneurs did not follow that path.


It’s important to remember however that everyone will have their own aspirations and views of what qualifies as a successful career.  It may not be owning their own company or becoming a millionaire; a success is about setting yourself achievable goals and reaching them during your career, whether it’s gaining your qualifications or winning your dream job.  Being successful, whatever that means to you, is something earned and can only be achieved with hard work and the right enthusiasm, dedication and attitude.


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