Apprentices and Council Tax

Did you know apprentices can be exempt from paying council tax?

Council tax can sometimes be a hefty amount to be paid every month, whether you live on your own, with a partner, parents, or a house share.

But did you know that apprentices are entitled to a reduction in council tax?

When the bill for a property is calculated, certain people are disregarded in the calculation- those under 18, full time students, carers, and several others. Including, you guessed it, apprentices.

If you are:

  • employed for the purpose of learning a profession
  • on a training programme that leads to an Accredited Qualification
  • over 18
  • earning less than £195 a week

As a learner with Aspire Training Team, we can guarantee the first two!

If you live on your own, you are entitled to a 50% reduction in your council tax bill. If you live at home, with a partner, or in a house share, it will depend on the status of the other occupants. You will still be entitled to up to 25% discount though!

It’s important to remember that this reduction will not be added to your bill automatically. Make sure you apply for it on your local council website!


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