Apprenticeship Advice: My employer is asking me to take a period of unpaid leave, what happens to my apprenticeship during that time?

Many employers who had planned to ask employees to take unpaid leave during this period will now be able to access the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and receive financial support to keep you employed.

Firstly, confirm with your employer that you  are still being asked to take unpaid leave or if your status is now considered to be furloughed.

If you are still being asked to take unpaid leave, then you can take a break from your apprenticeship and resume when you return to work. Please get in touch with your training provider, who will inform us of a break in learning.

Once you are back at work you can resume your apprenticeship, which your training provider can help with too. You should refer any queries around terms and conditions, including wages, to your employer in the first instance.


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