Apprenticeship Incentive Scheme Extended

Are you considering hiring an apprentice?

It has been decided that the cash incentives scheme for hiring new apprentices will be extended for an extra four months. Businesses can still receive up to £3,000 for every apprentice who has an employment date between the 1st October 2021 – 31st January 2022 and who starts their Apprenticeship before the 30th March 2022!
So,  if you want to take advantage of the employer incentive, you will need to reserve funds and employ the apprentice before 31st January and start the apprenticeship before 31st March to qualify.

Why not encourage one of your current team members to complete an Apprenticeship? Did you know, you can still claim the incentive for every employee who starts an Apprenticeship if they started their employment with you between October 2021-31st January 2022.

Since the scheme was introduced in August 2020 by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, more than 85,000 new apprentices have been hired, but the Government are hoping to increase this number with the new extension.

As well as this, the Kickstart Scheme is also being prolonged for an additional 3 months. Originally set to end in December 2021, it has been decided the scheme will now run until March 2022 in hope of helping more 16 to 24 year olds to find employment.

The benefits of hiring an apprentice are endless. You are able to teach them a unique and specific skillset, allowing them to benefit your business in which ever ways you may need them to. They are motivated and committed to starting a career in your job sector, making them a great way to positively impact staff motivation and retention. Check out our Apprentice Benefits page here to see more way an apprentice can benefit your company.

Here at Aspire Training Team, we offer a range of apprenticeships in childcare, business administration, leadership and management and customer service. Check out all the apprenticeship courses we offer here.

If you contact us now we can arrange for the apprenticeship to start before the end of March to ensure you receive your incentive payment.

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