Apprenticeships Lead to Full Time Employment!

Becoming an apprentice is an amazing way to earn while you learn. Gaining accreditations and skills to excel and climb your chosen career ladder. Aspire Training Team are excited to celebrate the National Apprenticeship Week week by letting all apprentices know how important they are to a business, bringing fresh ideas and motivated work ethic to the organisation. With many apprenticeships available, providing opportunities necessary to be successful in your chosen career.

Aspire Training have been creating amazing opportunities for people since 1997 and are proud of the success stories from all of their apprentices.

“I love doing an apprenticeship because it empowers me as a 19-year-old. It allows me to take responsibility and apply hands-on experience to extend my business knowledge, backed up by my portfolio of evidence and written pieces.”
Business Admin apprentice

Many employers have stated that they are willing to make an offer of full-time employment to apprentices following completion of their qualifications. Around 76% have said that they are confident in offering an apprentice employment as they believe that apprenticeships give young adults an advantage over those going straight into full-time employment.

Apprenticeships are renowned for earning a low wage, but this is due to the fact you are learning whilst you earn and in the long run, a company that you have stuck with throughout an apprenticeship are more likely to make your starting salary higher than minimum wage, compared to if you are going straight to a company from an external form of education; for example a degree.

To become an apprentice all you need is to be over 16, eligible to work in the UK and have a commitment to work and learning. For further information or to learn more about what is on offer please visit the careers pages or contact us on 01202 551553 / email

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