Apprenticeships snapshot in new report

A recent report from Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has given a useful overview of apprenticeships, giving valuable insight as to why people undertook their apprenticeship, and highlights any areas for development.  The report consisted of interviews with 5,000 Level 2 and 3 apprentices who were currently on an apprenticeship, or who had completed their programme between 1st March 2014 and 31st October 2014.


Key findings from the report include:

  • Business apprenticeships are shown as the most popular accounting for 26% in total, followed by Engineering and Health apprenticeships.
  • 48% of apprentices were recruited specifically for the intention of doing an apprenticeship.
  • Three core reasons for apprentices’ decisions for doing apprenticeship:
    • Career purposes – 30% cited this as their main reason
    • Gain qualification – 25% cited this as their main reason
    • Develop work-related skills – 23% cited this as their main reason


Satisfaction levels amongst apprentices were also evaluated, looking at the relevance, quality of training and whether expectations were met.  89% of apprentices were satisfied, with 72% very satisfied.


The outcomes of completing their apprenticeship were also reviewed, with key findings as follows:

  • 46% of apprentices have received a pay rise since completing their apprenticeship.
  • 30% had been promoted.
  • 77% of completed apprentices who were employed planned to continue working for the same employer for the next two to three years, with 89% planning to stay in the same sector.
  • 11% had undertaken additional study, with 41% considering additional study.


The report did not just review Level 2 and 3 apprentices but also interviewed 800 apprentices doing Level 4 or above, known as Higher Apprenticeships.  The report shows:

  • In 2015, Higher Apprenticeships accounted for 4% of all current apprenticeships, up from 2% the year before.
  • Higher apprentices were less likely to have been recruited for that specific level of apprenticeship and more likely to have developed into that role as an existing employee, accounting for 67%.
  • 89% of Level 4 and 5 apprentices were satisfied with their apprenticeship.
  • Of those who completed a Higher Apprenticeship, 96% were in work with 88% employed full time.
  • 49% had received a pay rise since completing their apprenticeship, with 36% having been promoted.
  • 83% felt that they would remain with the same employer for the next 2-3 years.
  • 94% felt it was likely they would continue in the same sector.


This positive report shows that while more people are undertaking apprenticeships on all levels, they are also seeing constructive results in terms of their career prospects.  This bodes well in the Government’s target to recruit 3 million apprentices by 2020 as the benefits of an apprenticeship are clear to see.


Aspire Training Team is an apprenticeship provider across Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset, working with both young people and employers to place apprentices in business administration, childcare and health & social care placements.  To find out more about becoming, or recruiting, an apprentice you can contact the Aspire Training Team on 01202 551553 or email

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