Are you ready for your interview? Tips from Anoushka Dawson, Recruitment Consultant

Are you prepared for your interview? Here’s some tips from Anoushka Dawson, Recruitment Consultant at Aspire Training Team.

ADIn my job role I interview many people, from school leavers to more experienced candidates.  In my own experience, I have found the people who have prepared for their interview are more likely to be successful.

One of the frequently asked questions employers ask is: “Tell me what you know about our company and why do you want to work for us?” The employer does this to find out how interested you are in the position. If you walk in to a working establishment with no idea what you are doing, it will reflect negatively on your intentions.

Before your interview you should check the ‘about us’ section on the company website. It will give you more of an insight to the company and broaden your knowledge, ready for your interview. The key things to find out about the company are how long they have been operating for and what their key objectives are. You should also have a copy of the job specification, ensuring you fully understand the role and what it entails.

Another thing that you should carefully think about is first impressions. This details the way you present yourself, timekeeping and body language. Employers will be looking at the way you represent yourself, you should dress smart and look presentable. Whatever the job, you want the interviewer to remember you for your personality and performance, not as “the one with the garish tie or short skirt”. Looking smart and professional will also give you a good confidence boost.

It is also essential you are on time. Your journey should be planned in advance to ensure there are no delays to your interview, and you should aim to arrive 15 minutes early. This also shows the interviewer that you are likely to be punctual for work if they were to employ you. If delays are unavoidable you should contact your interviewer as soon as possible, otherwise it will look like you have a ‘can’t be bothered, I’ll get there when I get there’ attitude.

During the interview you may be asked a series of questions. Make sure you take a minute to think about the answer to the question. Ensure you provide enough information to the interviewer but keep your answer to the point. It is also good to have a couple of copies of your CV to hand. You will look well prepared and organised if the interviewer asks you to refer to your CV, and instantly provide one if asked.

The body language you portray should be positive and open. Make sure you smile, lean forward in your chair and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. If you speak with a negative tone, use aggressive hand gestures or slouch in your chair this gives off an undesirable quality that the employer wouldn’t want, especially if it is a customer service role you are applying for!

At the end of the interview you will be asked if you have any questions. You should always have a couple to ask. Such questions are a way for the company to measure your interest in the position. Only ask questions you want to know the answer to, but it is best not to query salaries or benefits until you have been offered the role.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to RELAX! Nerves can play a big part in an interview, it is understandable to be nervous, but don’t let them get the better of you!

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