Aspire Teams With Ecologi To Plant Trees and Tackle The Climate Crisis

Ecologi was initially founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK. They were frustrated that many of us are not able to contribute enough to the colossal climate problem.

It started in early 2019, when Elliot was on his morning commute to work. He was buying a coffee just as he had done thousands of times before, and asked himself: How much climate action could I fund with the money for a coffee?

Ecologi is an amazing initiative that allows us to invest that small amount of money into something that really works, planting trees. It’s now common knowledge that planting trees is one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C.

We have partnered with Ecologi to plant 25 trees for every employer that signs up with us, and then a following 1 tree per learner that we take on. This is a great opportunity to give back to not only the people who work with us, but our environment too.

We introduced this initiative as part of our Aspire 25th Anniversary celebrations. What better way to commemorate 25 years with 25 trees per employer!

As of 3rd May 2022 we have planted 3,475 trees, across Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda. Help us reach our next goal of 5,000 trees.

Click here to see our growing forest!

If you would like to contribute to our efforts to tackle the climate crisis, then you can gift more impact, for the price of a coffee to go here. 

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