Aspire Training Team support hundreds of learners during Covid-19 Outbreak

Aspire Training Team are working with hundreds of apprentices, learners and employers across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, and  to continue their training and offer support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aspire Training Team are one of the South’s leading apprenticeship and training providers covering sectors including Business Administration, Leadership & Management, Customer Service and specialises in Early Years & Childcare. These subject areas are in addition to the shorter, distance learning courses Aspire provide to a number of local SME businesses in an array of topics.

Whilst many workers in the UK have been required to go on to Furlough Leave, Aspire Training Team have recently had confirmation from the Skills Funding Agency to say that Aspire Assessors can still support learners with their training whether they are still at work or on Furlough.

Kelly Medley, Operations Director for Aspire Training Team said “we have put in an enormous effort as a business to ensure all learners, staff, partners, customers and employers we work with are protected to the best of our ability whilst still having access to the best learning and development opportunities, despite the need for social distancing or self-isolation at home.

We are delighted that it has now been confirmed that we can continue to support all of our learners across the South Coast and work with employers to provide online home-training.

Assessors and tutors are still contactable via phone, email and Zoom meetings and can even remote in to those who are not on Furlough to conduct virtual observations. We have also introduced a new online learning platforms that can be accessed from home, along with online enrolment forms.  With so much amazing technology available it is important that we really embrace it and keep all forms of training on track.”

Aspire Training Team have stated that they will continue to monitor and review their practices in line with the external organisations that they work with including Awarding bodies, E-portfolio and MIS providers to ensure the smooth running of their delivery programmes.

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