Aspire’s Journey to B-Corp Certification

How did we achieve our B-Corp status?

To become a B. Corp, Aspire were assessed and audited against demanding standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and  transparency. We made a number of company-wide changes, including installing more solar panels across all our buildings, using a fully electric van fleet and replacing our gas boilers.

Sustainability for Colleagues

B-Corp businesses are also assessed on their sustainability towards employees. One thing that really benefits colleagues is the Company Profit Sharing Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to encourage colleagues to work together towards shared goals, and to allow all team members to share the success of the company.

We also have a Cycle to Work Scheme available for colleagues to take part in. The company provides an interest-free loan of up to £1000 to allow colleagues to purchase a bike and/or cycling accessories to use for work. This encourages colleagues to use more sustainable modes of transport that help to protect our environment.

Remote Learning

Did you know remote learning can significantly decrease our impact on the environment? Aspire has moved to delivering most learning online via Zoom with the trainers working remotely from their homes. This has reduced the travelling needs of our trainers.  More people on the roads is going to equate to more traffic and consequently more emissions and air pollution.

Going Paperless

Aspire now uses electronic portfolios to record the work of our learners, everything is online and accessible to our students at any time. Moving online has reduced our paper usage significantly. The paper industry not only consumes vast natural resources but also requires significant energy to produce.


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