Benefits of traineeships to be promoted to NEETs

A recent report conducted by the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and learning company, Pearson, has shown the lack of awareness that is amongst NEETs regarding vocational training.


The report, entitled ‘Routes into Work – it’s alright for some’, shows that young people ‘not in employment or training’, commonly known as NEETs, are not aware of the benefits that can be gained from traineeships or apprenticeships, and the viable options they are for entering their chosen career.


Figures show the number of NEETs reached 853,000 aged 16-24 between October and December 2015; 5,000 more than in the previous quarter from July to September 2015.  This is a decrease of 1.4% from the same period the year before, but still considerably high when considering the number of vacancies currently available across the UK, and when the Office for National Statistics has confirmed that 42% of NEETs were looking for work.


One of the recommendations from the report encourages the government to develop a cross-departmental steering group.  This group would target NEETs across the UK, reviewing the current training and education services available to them, while also evaluating the funding system to enter apprenticeships to consider whether there is a need to simplify this in order to make it more accessible.


It was also found that while traineeships are becoming more popular, awareness of the programme is still low.  Therefore better promotion of traineeships as a viable and successful way into employment is called for, as well as encouragement for more employers to offer traineeships in their business.


There were a number of other recommendations included in the report, such as the need to ensure that the Work and Health Programme service replacing the Work Programme is flexible enough to accommodate NEETs who may face numerous barriers into the workplace, particularly any financial concerns.  Adult skills training is also to be reviewed for the young unemployed, focussing on English and Maths; subjects that can be taught as Functional Skills training.  Finally, it was recommended that more research was to be undertaken to establish the understanding that NEETs currently have of the labour market and the sector they wish to have a career in, before reviewing the current vocational training in that sector and ensuring it is adequate and appropriate.


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