Buddy A Colleague Course case study – Zoe Short

I have recently just finished the Buddy Course with aspire training team. I currently work as Training coordinator/Senior HR Assistant at Hadland care group.

My responsibilities on a daily basis include, training audits and KITS to ensure colleagues meet the minimum mandatory requirements for their roles and future training planning. I also contribute to general HR support and advice for the employment compliance roles.

I was interested in undertaking the buddy course as I have a lot of involvement in supporting, training and mentoring existing and new colleagues within the HR department.

Whilst on the buddy course I learnt a lot. The course helped me to identify others learning styles and that the way I learn may not necessarily work for others. As well as making the different roles between managers, mentors and buddy’s clearer and the importance of highlighted and setting these boundaries to colleagues involved. I also learnt how to provide constructive feedback and the difference between this and negative feedback. The practical activity in the course highlighted the importance of communication and providing the clear instructions and guidance for others to understand. Understanding the SWOT and plan helps to structure the buddy process, everyone is clear and agrees what the plan is before starting the actual task.

I would recommend the buddy course to anyone that has involvement in providing training, support or mentoring colleagues as the content was really useful and can easily be implemented in the workplace. I found he course interactive and interesting. I really benefited and learnt a lot. I feel I will be able to put into practise what I have learnt within my everyday work.

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