Can you be too old for an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship can be undertaken by anyone 16 or older however there are different funding rules for each age bracket. This means that some people are eligible for more funding towards their apprenticeship training.

How apprenticeships work

Funding is drawn down by the training provider to pay for the training.  Aspire Training Team will try and match a business with an apprentice. Sometimes businesses will seek out training providers to help them find an apprentice. Sometimes an apprentice will get in touch with the training provider to find an apprenticeship.

16-18 year olds

If you fall into this age bracket then you are eligible to get all of your training funded. This is arguably the best position to be in as both employers and apprentices don’t have to pay anything towards the training.

19-23 year olds

If you’re 19-23 then part of your apprenticeship will be funded. The rest either has to be put up by the employer or the apprentice. This can cost thousands of pounds depending on the apprenticeship; the more technical an apprenticeship, the higher the training costs.


If you’re 24 or older then you can apply for an advanced learning loan.  To find out more about the advanced learning loans, please contact us on 01202 649646 or click here.



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