Catching your candidate’s eye

As more and more recruitment is conducted online, it’s worth considering if your job adverts are doing all they can to interest candidates.

Nursery World conducted a survey of over 500 childcare practitioners what they liked to see in a job advert.

The responses that cropped up again and again were:

  • Clear statements about the particular job role, rather than generalised job descriptions
  • Ts&Cs such as holiday entitlement
  • Staff turnover rates
  • Ethos and culture
  • Ofsted rating
  • Training and career progression opportunities
  • Team member testimonials
  • Things the employer does to consider employee well-being

Of course, you can’t put all this in a single job advert, but have a think about what aspects of this list your company does well.

Do you have team members that have progressed their way through the company, starting with you as an apprentice maybe, and still here many years later? Progressions stories are always a fantastic way to advertise low staff turnover, and career expansion opportunities.

Childcare settings should flaunt their Ofsted ratings, as well as all their unique characteristics. Tops Day Nurseries employ neutral colour walls, natural resources, heuristic play and strive towards eco-sustainability. What does your setting do that is different to those around you?

Employee well-being should always be a key focus of any employer. After all, happy and healthy team members make a productive team. Prospective candidates look at what a company does to consider their team’s wellbeing, and take that into consideration when applying for a position. Aspire Training Team have an extensive health and well-being page that details some of the benefits we offer to our colleagues, and you might consider setting up something similar to shout about what your company does. Check out our health and well-being page for ideas!

It’s unsurprising that most responses to Nursery World’s survey mentioned rates of pay, and hours, as key aspects they look for in a job role. However, it highlights a shift in focus that practitioners also consider an employer’s impact on the environment, the wellbeing and retention of colleagues, and a workplace’s ethos.

If your candidates are considering these factors, you should be too!

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