Infection Prevention & Control Training

Infection Prevention and Control Training is incredibly important. No matter where you work or which industry you work in, the risk of spreading infections in the workplace is ever-present. However, with time, money, and productivity lost to illness and sick days, it’s important that everyone knows the risks, how to stay safe, and keep themselves and everyone around them healthy.

The risk of infection is everywhere, from door handles and desks to kitchens and keyboards. And once an infection contaminates, it can be spread around a workplace in as little as two to four hours.

It’s the job of staff and managers everywhere to be aware of the risks from infection and do what they can to help prevent it from spreading. This Infection Prevention and Control training course will help you to do just that. It looks at what kinds of infections are most prevalent, what they are, how they spread, and who’s at risk. Most importantly, it considers what you can do to prevent the spread of infections at all.

Exposure to infection is largely incidental, and so is not specific to any particular working practice. However, due to the increased severity in the event that infection does take hold, this Infection Prevention and Control course is particularly useful to those working in the Care Industry.


  • Understand how to break the chain of infection
  • Learn about what infections are, where they come from and how to prevent them
  • Learn more about personal hygiene and the correct hygiene practices to reduce infection


This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. Infections
  2. The Chain of Infection
  3. Hygiene
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Course information:

Awarding body:
CPD Accredited & IOSH Approved
Course duration:
40 Mins
Course location:

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone, no matter where you work or which industry you work in, the risk of spreading infections in the workplace is ever-present.

Key facts:

  • Printable Certificate Generated
  • IOSH Approved
  • CPD Accredited

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