Disability Awareness Month – Learner Case Study

Disability Awareness Month United Kingdom

Meet Chloe, an inspiring individual with a passion for early childhood education. Despite facing unique challenges, Chloe successfully navigated the educational landscape, completing her Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification in August 2023 with a distinction.

In this case study, we delve into Chloe’s journey, exploring the impact of disabilities and the strategies employed to overcome obstacles.

Educational Background:

Chloe began their early year’s educational journey after leaving sixth as she didn’t enjoy the school environment or structure, she successfully completed her Level 1 during COVID and went on to become an apprentice to complete her Level 2 in childcare before achieving the prestigious Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification.

Challenges Faced:

Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis:

At the age of 8, Chloe was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Managing frequent illnesses, check-up appointments, and balancing work shifts became a complex task.


Additionally, being dyslexic posed challenges, especially in coursework. Chloe struggled with reading, research, and the overall demands of assignments.

Impact on Motivation and Confidence:

The dual challenges significantly impacted motivation and confidence levels. Frequent illness left Chloe fatigued, affecting coursework completion during evenings and weekends. Low confidence compounded the challenges.

Adaptive Strategies:

To address dyslexia, Chloe engaged in professional discussions with her trainer, they broke down learning plans into manageable chunks, and allocated specific times for focused assignments. These strategies helped overcome the overwhelm associated with coursework which enabled Chloe to achieve her qualification.

Maintaining Well-being:

Chloe managed stress by dedicating weekends to relaxation, family, and friends. Support sessions with trainers and kickboxing lessons were incorporated to boost fitness and confidence.

Notable Achievements:

Chloe achieved a distinction in their professional discussion for the End-Point Assessment (EPA) which was a huge achievement as this was the one area Chloe lacked confidence she then progressed to become a Senior Practitioner, and also winning the prestigious company ABCD award.

Celebrating Achievements:

Celebrating with colleagues, Chloe gained confidence in pursuing future career goals, including aspirations of becoming a Room Manager and completing Level 5.

Supportive Relationships:

Peers and trainers played a crucial role in Chloe’s success. Training colleagues on diabetes awareness created a supportive environment, contributing to Chloe’s confidence.

Impact of Overcoming Challenges:

Chloe’s journey showcased that overcoming challenges builds resilience. The positive impact of support and understanding from peers and trainers was instrumental in Chloe’s success.

Future Aspirations:

Having achieved the position of Senior Practitioner, Chloe envisions further growth, aspiring to become a Room Manager and eventually pursuing Level 5 qualifications.

Advice for Others:

Chloe emphasizes the importance of open communication with trainers, encouraging learners with disabilities to seek support and believe in themselves.

Reflection on the Learning Journey:

Looking back, Chloe wishes she had possessed more belief and confidence from the outset. Despite the impact of diabetes and dyslexia, collaborative efforts with her trainer ensured timely completion of Level 3 with reduced stress.

Key Takeaways:

Chloe’s journey highlights the power of adaptability and determination.

Awareness and communication about disabilities foster supportive learning environments.

Overcoming challenges contributes to increased self-confidence and career aspirations.


Chloe’s story is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Through perseverance, adaptive strategies, and a supportive community, Chloe not only achieved academic success but also became an inspiration for others facing similar challenges in the pursuit of education and career goals.

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