EMPLOYER benefits to having a Level 1 Childcare student

level 1

Aspire Training Team offer a free, fun, practical Level 1 Caring for Children qualification to all 16-18 year olds looking to start a career in childcare.

We understand that as an early years employer, you face what can be challenging times when recruiting new, knowledgeable staff and believe that this course can provide you with ‘the best of the pick’ for when looking at employing Apprentices.

As a fully funded Study Programme, Aspire Training Team take full responsibility for these individuals and present them to you with a completed DBS and uniform if required. Your students will volunteer for you 3 days a week (9am-4pm), term time only in order to learn the basics of childcare to support their weekly, knowledge workshops. We teach subjects including, communication, respecting and valuing children, learning through play, health and safety and many more relevant topics.

We aim to provide you with a motivated student who is learning throughout their time with Aspire and yourselves in order to be prepared and already have a head start for when they are ready to progress into an apprenticeship. We understand that this may not be the case for all students but really believe that the valuable time and effort you put in to an individual’s work experience and supporting them during their time with you does pay off, allowing you to then choose whether you would like to then employ them as an apprentice. This is not always possible, so in these circumstances we can support the individual into an apprenticeship elsewhere or further education.

We also offer progression in both English and Maths for all students and support them with any travel expenses they may have. All students have a dedicated Tutor who visits them and yourselves regularly to monitor progress and give support as and when needed. This is a voluntary programme and we know how much a ‘spare pair of hands’ can come in useful. We can also provide you with hints and tips on how to support a student in your setting and ideas of the types of tasks they should be undertaking.

Aspire Training Team is an ‘OUTSTANDING’ Ofsted rated training provider and we pride ourselves on bespoke training to suit your needs as well as those of our students.

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