Traineeships and Study Programmes

If you are willing to support a young person aged 16 to 24 with a work placement to improve their confidence and introduce them to the real world of business, why not work with us on offer a Study Programme or Traineeship Programme? By doing this, you can provide a young person with valuable work experience, help build their confidence and show them the real world of business, while we will offer training on their employability and communication skills, as well as any support they may need with their English and Maths skills.

Offering traineeships in your business can have a variety of benefits not only for the young person concerned but also your fellow colleagues and your public image:

  • There is no cost to you to offer a traineeship as the training is funded by the government
  • Cost effective way to recruit your future employees
  • You can train the person how you wish to and they will grow, learning your company ways and ethos
  • The opportunity for another member of your team to become a mentor and develop their own skills
  • Improving your retention rate of staff by showing your confidence in them to become a mentor
  • You’ll be seen as giving something back to your local community by working with unemployed young people in the area

Take on an apprentice or long term learner through Aspire, and get 10% of our First Aid courses!


We offer apprenticeships in childcare, health and social care, business administration, team leading and management and we can help recruit the right apprentices for you.

In order to take on an apprentice, you will need to offer them full-time employment and some of your time.

For more information on grants that might be available to your business, the benefits of taking on an apprentice and our 5-step plan to recruiting your apprentice, please see below.

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Training your staff

We offer recognised training qualifications in childcare, adult care and business administration and we can train your staff for you.

The award-winning Aspire Training Team, with their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted results, offer quality mentorship that guarantees results higher than the national average.

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