Apprenticeship Service Digital Accounts

The government has launched a new Apprenticeship Service Digital Account which is now available to be used by all employers large or small. The new Digital Accounts have been created to make it easier for employers to manage the funding & incentive payments available to them.

As part of the service Aspire provides to you, you can set permissions to allow us to undertake some actions on your behalf.

Setting Up An Account

Once you have decided to take on a new apprentice or upskill an existing member of your staff  through an apprenticeship you will need to set up a digital account to access the government funding that will pay for the apprenticeship and any incentive payments you may be eligible for. For information on funding and incentive payments please click here.

At Aspire Training Team we can help you set up your account by sending you a personalised link and welcome email which will take you to the relevant section on with your company name and contact details prepopulated.

Once you have received your personalised link all you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen and input your business details and confirm the account. As we have completed the initial set up for you the Digital Account will automatically be linked to us as a training provider to allow us to help you reserve funding, add learners and access your incentive payments.

Registering an Account

Reserving Your Funding

For non-levy paying employers the government will fund 95% of the apprenticeships cost. In order to access this funding the Digital Accounts require you to reserve an upcoming funding you will need. (This is so the government has an idea of what they are going to be spending!)

With Aspire Training Team, once you have decided you want to start a new apprenticeship, we can help you reserve the necessary funding. All you do is confirm to us what apprenticeships you are interested in and we can reserve the funds for you.

Adding Your Apprentice Names

Once we have successfully helped you to recruit a new apprentice or you have chosen which which of your current staff you wish to undertake an apprenticeship they will need adding to the Digital Account.

At Aspire Training Team, we can add your learners details for you, all you need to do is log on and confirm them once we have done so.

Confirming your learners will activate the 95% funding payments from the government and allow the apprenticeship to commence.

Claiming Your Incentive Payments

Currently this is not something Aspire Training Team can directly help you with.

You need to log in to you Digital Account and click on “Apply for the hire a new apprentice payment” and follow the instructions on screen. We will already have added your learners to the Digital Account for you so all you need to do is select the names of the apprentices who are eligible for the incentive payments.

In order to receive the payments you will need to add you bank details and the Digital Account will ask for them at this point.