Empowering Futures: 2024/25 Apprenticeships Funding Changes


Rishi Sunak is spearheading a significant initiative to bolster apprenticeships in the UK. With a promise to create up to 20,000 more apprenticeships, Sunak unveils a series of reforms aimed at invigorating opportunities for young people and easing the burden on small businesses.

From 1st April, the government will fully fund apprenticeship training for individuals aged 21 or under at small firms. This commitment is backed by £60 million of new investment for the coming year, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of skills development.


Easing the Apprenticeships Levy Burden


Sunak’s reforms also target the apprenticeship levy, introduced in 2017 to drive apprenticeship placements in large firms. Recognising the need for flexibility, businesses will now be able to share up to 50% of unspent levy funds to other employers, doubling the current limit. This move aims to optimise the utilisation of levy funds and stimulate apprenticeship opportunities across industries.

Sunak’s plans are crucial for apprenticeships, tackling challenges for young people and small businesses alike. Fully funding apprenticeship training and reducing costs for small businesses create an ideal environment for apprenticeships to grow. Moreover, by enhancing the flexibility of the apprenticeship levy, the government ensures that funds are utilised effectively, maximising the opportunities available to aspiring apprentices.



Empowering Small Businesses


Alongside funding apprenticeships, the government plans to raise the thresholds defining company sizes. Enabling an additional 132,000 businesses to qualify as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Furthermore, this change is projected to save SMEs £150 million annually by streamlining reporting requirements.

Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch underscores the vital role of SMEs as the engines of economic growth. Moreover, the government’s reforms support small businesses, aiming to boost entrepreneurship and create a thriving business environment.


Looking Ahead


As the government pushes to strengthen apprenticeships and support small businesses, leaders gather  to plan for the future. With initiatives like an industry-led taskforce to promote private investment in women-led businesses, the government aims to foster a dynamic and inclusive economy.

In conclusion, apprenticeship reforms bring new opportunities, driving economic growth in the UK.

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