Case Study: Empowering Future Leaders through Sustainable Learning

Sustainable practices in early years nurseries and preschools.

Aspire Training Team, a passionate advocate for sustainability, has revolutionised its delivery programmes by embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their Early Years and Business Skills delivery programmes aimed at empowering future leaders . This innovative approach not only promotes global awareness but also nurtures a sense of responsibility among learners. By integrating the SDGs seamlessly into their curriculum, Aspire Training Team has transformed education into a tool for building a sustainable future. Experience sustainable apprenticeship learning with us.

  • Championing Quality Education (Goal 4):

Learning Objective: To instil a profound understanding of education’s pivotal role in sustainable development.

Activities: Learners delve into researching global education disparities, highlighting the importance of equality. Through engaging discussions and assigned readings, they explore innovative methods to enhance access to quality education worldwide. Their focus extends beyond the learning sessions, envisioning a future where education is a fundamental right for all.

Sustainability learning for Apprenticeship training

  • Empowering Gender Equality in Early Years (Goal 5):

Learning Objective: Promote gender equality and empower male learners to challenge stereotypes in Early Years.

Activities: Aspire Training Team has pioneered the ‘Men in Childcare’ initiative, we will be providing a platform for male learners to voice their perspectives in a group forum starting Jan 2024. By fostering supportive environments, breaking gender barriers becomes a shared mission. Through this initiative, male learners contribute to transforming societal norms, making strides towards gender equality in the Early Years sector.

A man teacher in Childcare and nursery school settings

  • Fostering Climate Action Warriors (Goal 13):

Learning Objective: Cultivate an understanding of the sector’s role in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability.

Activities: The curriculum integrates discussions on climate change, emphasising sustainable practices and materials, for example using reusable nappies, up cycling rather than buying new, recycling materials rather than send them to land fill, learners explore eco-friendly solutions, proposing innovative strategies tailored to their sector. By embracing sustainable approaches, they become ambassadors for climate action, inspiring positive change within their sector.Sustainable practices in early years settings, nurseries and preschool. Reusable nappies

  • Engaging with Communities (Goal 17):

Learning Objective: Encourage learners to actively participate in community service, aligning with SDGs.

Activities: Learners immerse themselves in community engagement projects, such as visiting local food banks or collaborating with care homes. These experiences enable them to witness first-hand the impact of their contributions, fostering empathy and a sense of responsibility. Through these interactions, learners recognise the power of collective action in creating sustainable communities.

Aspire Training engaging in sustainable practices

  • Continuous Improvement through Feedback:

Assessment and Feedback Mechanisms: Aspire Training Team values learners’ insights. Feedback mechanisms are implemented, enabling learners to provide input on the integration of SDGs into their learning plans. This valuable feedback loop ensures the programs continuously evolve, enhancing the educational experience and maximising the positive impact on learners and communities.



Aspire Training Team’s commitment to embedding the SDGs into learning plans has transformed education into a catalyst for change. Through fostering understanding, empowering learners, and engaging with communities, Aspire Training Team equips future professionals with the knowledge and passion needed to address global challenges actively. This innovative approach not only enriches the learning experience but also paves the way for a sustainable and inclusive future, one apprentice at a time.

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