Feedback From Our Employers and Learners

Feedback from our Early Years Employers and Learners

At Aspire Training Team, we value feedback from our employers and learners. As your input helps us tailor our apprenticeship, qualifications and training services to better meet your needs and expectations.

Following our annual survey, we’ve taken your responses to heart and are actively implementing improvements.

Here’s a breakdown of the key responses and feedback from both our employers and learners plus the proactive actions we’re taking in response:

Here are some Feedback from Employers:

  • Positive Response: 93% of employers would continue to use and recommend Aspire Training Team. Your support means the world to us!
  • Improving APTEM Navigation: We understand that navigating the APTEM system hasn’t been easy for everyone. That’s why we’ve held 1:1 sessions with some employers to demonstrate navigation techniques and have added “How to guides” to our website and newsletters to aid in this process. We’re also collaborating with APTEM to enhance system functionality based on your feedback.
  • Empowering You with Information: To better assist you, we’re developing a bespoke IAG course for our sales, recruitment, and marketing teams. Additionally, we’re also revamping our website resources and creating an Apprenticeship handbook for quick access to relevant information.
  • Tracking Learner Progress: We’re exploring solutions with APTEM to enable employers to view their team’s learning plans. In the meantime, we’ll continue sending monthly progress review emails to keep you informed.
  • Improving Trainer Communication: We’ve conducted 1:1 sessions with trainers to reinforce communication expectations and ensure a better experience for everyone.

Kindly see the image below to view the feedback in details or click here to download the PDF – You Said, We Listened. Feedback From Our Employers

Annual Survey responses and feedback from Early Years Employer

Here are some Feedback from Learners:

  • Positive Response: 91% of learners were satisfied with the training and support they received. 100% will recommend Aspire Training Team.
  • Timely Assignment Feedback: We’ve reviewed our service level agreement to ensure all assignments are marked and returned within 4 weeks, striving to expedite the process wherever possible.
  • Simplifying APTEM Navigation: We’ve offered 1:1 sessions and added “How to guides” to assist learners in navigating the APTEM system. Additionally, we’re working closely with APTEM to address system usability issues.
  • Continued Improvement: We’re committed to ongoing consultation with learners to identify and address areas for further improvement.

Kindly see the image below to view the feedback in details or click to download the PDF – You Said, We Listened. Feedback From Our Learners.

Feedback from our Early years apprentices/learners


Your feedback is invaluable to us. We’re dedicated to providing the best learning experience for both employers and learners alike. Thank you for partnering with us.

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