Fresh support to promote apprenticeships in schools

We recently brought you news from a YouGov survey which showed that only 7% of young people had considered becoming an apprentice opposed to attending college or university.  In light of this, there is fresh demand for legislation to be introduced to encourage schools to offer more advice on following the apprenticeship or traineeship route.


The Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy in the House of Commons this week published a report on the standard of careers advice in schools.  One recommendation from the report includes the creation of a unified careers service for all ages to sit under one government department.  It has also been suggested that the Ofsted rating for a school is downgraded if they do not comply with regulations to provide impartial and independent advice, and schools have also been encouraged to work with more training providers to be able to offer their perspective of apprenticeships.


Mark Dawe, CEO for Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), has welcomed this new report following the discovery that just 15% of apprentices found out about the benefits and opportunities of apprenticeships from a teacher or careers advisor.


Schools are at the forefront of changing perceptions of apprenticeships as this is the first place that young people will be faced with making decisions about their future and so have a significant influence on their thought process.   Recommendations that have come since the YouGov survey results include:


  • Careers advice being offered earlier to children in schools and as well as highlighting the benefits of apprenticeships to focus more on the specific industries that can lead to a successful career from starting as an apprentice,
  • More employers to work with schools, promoting this on a national level but schools building more local partnerships,
  • Targeted promotion within parents and families as another place that young people go to for advice,
  • An increase in the minimum wage for apprentices


Aspire Training Team currently enjoys many relationships with local schools across the South to promote the benefits of apprenticeships to young people and welcome this support from MP’s to raise awareness further.  If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice or hiring an apprentice you can contact the Aspire Training Team on 01202 551553 or email

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