Hall Of Fame winners of 2017

The Hall of Fame works very similar to a “Learner of the Month” scheme. At the start of each month, employers are emailed by a member of the Aspire Training Team and given the chance to nominate an Aspire learners.

Once we have received the nominations, a winner will be selected; this learner will be awarded with a gift and Hall of Fame certificate provided by Aspire and this will be promoted on our website alongside Social Media etc., which we will share with yourselves!

How this will work?

  • Each month we will email you prompting you to nominate an Aspire learner you feel has made outstanding progress and footsteps in the right direction- you will need to reply back with a description of why that learner is being nominated
  • You will have around 7 days from receiving the email to nominate a potential learner
  • Once we have selected our monthly winner, we will notify you if your learner is a winner and we will organise a time with yourself for an Aspire assessor to come to your setting to surprise the learner with their certificate & gift.

The assessor will surprise the learner with the gifts above and pictures taken with yourself, learner and Aspire assessor and our marketing team will publicise this across our social media and share with yourselves for your own marketing purposes

Winners so far…


January – Hanna Williams                       February – Ben Taylor                               March – Maria Stoian

Puss ‘n’ Boots Nursery                               Eco Food Recycling                              Reside Care Homes: Southwood



  April: Zoe Giles                                  May: Nicola Fowles                                    June: Lucy Abrahams

Kim’s Kiddlywinks                             Tops Day Nurseries: Poole                               Hadland care Group



July: Shaun Crawley                                         August: Diana Duta                       September: Iain Hayman

Tops Day Nurseries: Christchurch                      Alexandra Centre                  Tops Day Nurseries: Bournemouth



October: Chloe Simmonds                       November: Sian Moss

Tops Day Nurseries: Bournemouth                Hadland Care Group

December: Jas Williams

Hadland Care Group

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