Happy National Apprenticeship Week 2022!

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The week brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is ‘build the future’; reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.

Apprentices across the country will be celebrated throughout the week, with engagement and events in schools and colleges, attracting the next generation of apprentices, so they too can fire up their future career.

Throughout the 14 years, National Apprenticeship Week has brought together apprenticeship supporters from across the country, with MPs, ambassadors, apprentices, training providers and top employers involved in recognising the value and importance of apprenticeships.

If you’re one of our learners, you will be receiving a thank you gift from us to show our appreciation of the value every apprentice brings to our workplaces.

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