How can you help your apprentice settle in?

Having an apprentice can help to provide a number of benefits to your business. Some of these may include, enhanced productivity, an increase in team morale, and filling skill gaps in your workforce.

There are many ways in which you can ensure your apprentice settles in quickly and efficiently. See our tips below!

  1. Provide a thorough induction process

You should have an induction process which goes through what will be expected of your apprentice. As well as being shown where everything is and being introduced to everyone. It might be a good idea to timetable this out with your team and agree upon suitable times for activities to take place.

  1. Give them an overview of their role

Help your apprentice understand what duties they are responsible for and who they’ll be reporting to as their line manager.

  1. Run through practical advice

On their first day, give your apprentice a tour of the building so they know where everything is. You should also give them guidance in terms of when to take breaks, working time and dress code.

  1. Beware that extra support may be needed

Your apprentice may be a recent school leaver with hardly any work experience, or they may have a specific learning disability. This should be considered as part of their training and extra support is given accordingly – it could mean that one on one coaching is needed or that learning styles/materials are adapted to suit your apprentice’s needs.

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