How employers can improve youth unemployment figures

Are you willing to support a young person aged 16 to 24 with a work placement?  By doing this, you can provide them with valuable work experience, help build their confidence and show them the real world of business so they can take their first steps into their chosen career.


Aspire Training Team work with employers to offer young people this opportunity.  While the employer provides the hands on work experience, Aspire Training Team offers training so learners gain employability and communication skills, improve their personal confidence and access any support for English and maths. We provide this through either our:


  • Study Programme for 16 to 18 year olds, which is tailored to the knowledge and experience required to progress into jobs or apprenticeships within the Early Years, Health & Social Care and Business Administration sectors,


  • Traineeship Programme for 16 to 24 year olds, which gives knowledge and skills to find a job or an apprenticeship in any sector of employment, by focusing their knowledge and skills on personal growth, employability and customer service skills. The work placement aspect of this programme can be in any sector.


Aspire Training Team are looking for employers who can offer work placements tailored to each individual over a period of between 6 weeks to 6 months. The hours each week will vary depending on the person, with some choosing to build their hours of work placement as their skills and confidence grows.


The young person is NOT paid a wage because they continue to receive their benefits or are supported whilst on the programme.  We would advise that you inform your insurance company that you have non-paid workers on site and if your sector requires a DBS check then we would ask you to arrange this (you may wish to consider the volunteer DBS).

Why should you be involved?


If you are an employer who has a member of staff who you think would be a good mentor (job coach) for a young person then this would be prefect for you.  You can use this opportunity to develop your existing staff into a mentor role, improving your retention of existing staff by showing your confidence in their abilities.


The work placements are also a wonderful way for you to find new staff as it gives you time to get to know the person in question, and you can train them to suit your business at a time when they are learning their initial business skills.


Being part of the Aspire Training Team’s Study or Traineeship programmes are an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business as working with unemployed young people; giving something back to your community.


The Process:


Aspire Training Team will visit you to discuss your work placement offer and ensure that the relevant Health and Safety checks have been completed prior to placement. The work placement will then be advertised, and we will match the suitable person to your vacancy.


Each person will be asked to attend an interview for the work placement vacancy and each employer will decide if they wish to take them on for the position.


There will be a placement agreement drawn up to include the expectations of the person in their work placement in terms of the employer’s Code of Conduct, Health and Safety and what equipment can and cannot be used on the work placement. The agreement will also include informing Aspire Training Team of attendance and any areas of concern where the employer may require intervention.






Once placed, the person will be visited once a week on placement to monitor progress and to agree the next phase of work experience to grow confidence, knowledge and experience.


Aspire Training Team actively encourage employers to consider young people on work placement for progression opportunities of an apprenticeship or a job once their placement is complete. We would ask that this is discussed in advance to ensure any qualifications can be achieved and progression to higher levels of training discussed.


The next step…


Please email or call 01202 551553 and ask for the Aspire Business Development Team.


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