How To Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance This Christmas

Are you working over this Christmas period? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get everything finished before you book your holiday. After what has been an incredibly difficult year, it is important that we don’t stretch ourselves too thin. Take a look at our top tips to get the work-life balance right this Christmas.

1.) Planning makes perfect!

Try and come up with a plan so that you can help manage expectations and work around everything. Are people aware of the days you’re planning to have off? Is there anyone who can take over any of your tasks or tie up any loose ends?

2.) Prioritise prioritising! 

This is incredibly important. Write down a list of anything that is absolutely vital that it gets done, anything else can wait until the new year. Create a to-do list and categorise it by things that can be completed quickly and things that may take time and try to timetable your week to set realistic goals.

3.) Get over the guilt

This year has exhausted us all, but some people might not be taking time off. If these people are still emailing you with work, they will know that it is unlikely that everything will get done. As long as you make them aware that some things will have to wait, you should not feel guilty that they are working while you take time off. You will feel so much more refreshed and be able to work harder after a nice break, so let yourself enjoy it! Turn off any work notifications, switch the laptop off and don’t be tempted to check emails on your holiday.

4.) Ask for help 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your work load, do not hesitate to ask for help. Someone will have time to help you and if they don’t then speak to your manager as it is their job to support you. If you work for yourself, ask for support from friends and family to make sure you switch off when you need to.

5.) Enjoy your well deserved break 

Do not feel like you have to use your time off wisely by cramming activities into every day. This year has been mentally draining, so even spending a week off watching films or sleeping is using your time wisely. Look after yourselves and make sure to talk to friends and family if you’re struggling. Don’t forget the benefits of a quick walk or run either!

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