How to keep an alcohol diary?

Recording the alcohol you drink in a typical week can be a good idea if you want to keep track of how much you are drinking on a regular basis.

Although overall consumption (less than the recommended 21 units for males and 14 units for females) is important, the number of units you consume in any one time is equally significant. Thus, it is ideal to record both the units consumed per day as well as a weekly total, which can be averaged out over the week, as in the diary below:

Date & Time Type of drink Quantity Units Total units for the day Situation
6pm Thursday Lager 2 Pints 4 units 4 units Drinks with colleagues after work
3pm Saturday Lager & Spirits 4 Pints

2 Single measures

8 units

3 units

11 units Watching football with friends at the pub
4pm Sunday Red wine 2 Large glasses 6 units 6 units Sunday lunch with family
      Total 21 Notes: Will try and drink 1 less Pint and 1 less glass of wine next week
      Daily Average 3


If it appears that you are over the recommended limits, it may be time to consider reducing the amount you are drinking.

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