How to make a cold composting bin

Here at Aspire, we are always looking for ways we can be more sustainable. One of our colleagues has made a cold composting bin to help reduce her household waste. Find out how to make yours below!

You will need:

  • 4 wooden pallets
  • rope

Simply tie the 4 pallets together in a square with the rope and fill with compost!

Here’s what Vanda said about her composting bin:

“Since moving from Central Midlands to Cornwall we, as a family, have seen the benefits of “cleaner air” in regards to our general health and we have always done our bit for the environment by supported Surfers against Sewerage by picking up plastic and litter every time we visit our local beaches.

Joining the Aspire family inspired me further to think of other ways our family could work together to help the environment.

As well as recycling our general waste, my parents, my husband and I have built  cold composting bins in our gardens to recycle our garden waste and also our raw food waste such as egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings. Toilet roll tubes and egg boxes can also be thrown in. Since doing this we now have our own supply of compost every year which cuts down on trips to the Garden Centre (fuel consumption) and there is no longer any plastic packaging from purchased compost sacks to dispose of.

We use our own compost to grow our own herbs and vegetables, as well as plants to encourage bees and other wildlife.

The bins are very easy to make with just 4 pallets and some rope and are really effective.”

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