How to work from home: 5 tips!

If like many of us you’re now working from home, it’s likely you’re still adjusting to a new routine and getting into the swing of things! Whilst working from home offers lots of flexibility, it is important to remember that tasks still need to be completed and there are still deadlines to be met and goals to be reached.

So how exactly can you make sure you’re working most effectively from home? Here’s 5 of our best tips!

Get organised
Being organised is key to successfully starting to your day. You should ideally have a list set of out of things to accomplish for that day, any questions you need to ask your colleagues working from home, and an idea of how your day will go. Do you have the resources that you need to complete your work? Remember to prioritise your workload in a way that is manageable for you. Being more organised will allow you to manage your time effectively and will reduce work-related stress.

Have a work space
This is so important! Unfortunately not all of us have a spare study or computer desk readily available to work from home, and that’s fine. You can work with what you have and make some slight adjustments. Add a house plant to your dining room table to make it more office like, set up your notebook and laptop or computer and make sure it stays clean and tidy at the end of the day – So when you return in the morning and sit down, you have a clear mind and a non-cluttered workspace. Make sure there is a clear divide between your ‘work’ area and your ‘relaxing’ area.

Stick to a routine
Just because you’re in the comfort of your own home that doesn’t mean you should ignore your normal day-to-day work routine. Get up, have a shower, go for a walk, make a drink, make breakfast and start about your day in a positive way. When we ignore a routine we can become less productive and lose sight of what we have accomplished throughout the day. Studies have shown that sticking to a regular routine makes us more positive and fulfilled.

Work on, work off
Working from home means we can easily run over on our scheduled hours because we’re not rushing out the door. Set yourself a timer for work hours and try to stick to them as best as possible. Allow yourself a lunch break as you would normally, go outside and take a walk, make a drink, and allow yourself time away from the desk. These breaks are important for your mental health and wellbeing and in the long term will allow you to be more productive!

Avoid distractions
Avoiding distractions can be difficult when at home, especially when you’re in a comfortable environment with everything around you, and may have family, children and pets. It’s best to set boundaries whilst you work and communicate that with those around you, that way any unexpected distractions can be avoided. Avoid scrolling on social media and taking non work related calls during work time, and most importantly create a space that works for you!

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