How training courses can benefit your business, as well as your employees

As an employer, sending your staff on a training course could seem like an expensive option to further their development, both financially and in terms of their time.  However, the benefits from the training both for you and for their future can be invaluable.


Management and team leadership training are two examples where external training courses will equip employees with new skills which will not only make them more productive, but also the employees they line manage.  By offering training externally potential managers may feel for comfortable in the neutral environment, helping them to find their own style.  While it’s important they keep the company values and strategies in mind, their own style may be very different to another’s and if they feel tied into a method that may not suit them, it may not be counter-productive.


Having the right manager with the right set of skills means they will be able to lead their teams more effectively.  They will be shown how to identify their team members’ individual motivations, how to feedback to them in the right way so they feel motivated and not discouraged, and how to encourage them to meet their potentials.  Being able to identify individual needs and not manage all team members in the same way is a key part of management training.


Higher retention of employees will often follow from this way of leadership as they will respect their managers and will want to achieve for them and the rest of their team.  This solid working relationship leads to higher staff engagement, so any changes or new policies and procedures that need introducing will be more readily received.


The retention of team members will not only be high, but it will also be high in those employees you train.  They are more likely to stay with you as you have shown confidence in them and wish to invest in them and their future with the company.  This goes a long way in showing other employees that you are willing to develop staff internally, so will offer them more reasons to remain.  Promoting your training strategy externally can also attract a higher level of candidate to any vacancies you have.


Employers must realise the training itself is just one part a training strategy and that once those people have been trained, follow-up appraisals and assessments should be completed.  This not only assists with their development but also means you can monitor their progress and see a return on your investment.


Having properly trained managers has a significant impact on the success of your business as everything from internal factors, including productivity and profitability, to external factors, such as customer satisfaction and reputation, stems from the employees working for you.


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