‘I am thrilled with my apprentice, my business is flourishing’ – Messy Articles Childcare

“When I realised that my current assistant was leaving, I panicked! Where would I find someone suitable and quickly to take her place and ensure I didn’t lose any business? I couldn’t afford to disrupt the setting and the emotional security of the children by not having the correct apprentice – we needed someone who was really interested in the development of such a vital role in the children’s lives.

I called a few training companies to enquire, but it was Aspire who really listened and understood what I needed. They explained the process and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I felt confident that I was in good hands. Aspire were extremely helpful and informative. I am thrilled with my apprentice, my business is flourishing, our paperwork is the best it has ever been and I can see her being a part of the development of my business for a number of years yet.

I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Aspire again if and when I decide to expand the business further by recruiting another apprentice and I hope this portrays how incredibly happy I am with all of their help and commitment to ensuring I had the right person for the job.”

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