Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG) Policy/strategy

About our IAG service

Aspire training team recognise the essential part played by IAG in supporting learners to make choices about their lifestyles, education, and future career. The service we provide is accessible to all and is intended to help you make an informed decision based on your individual needs, circumstances, and interests.

We are a matrix accredited organisation and will ensure that the matrix quality mark is maintained and our IAG services meet the standards within this framework.

Whilst we offer in person IAG, we also place an emphasis on opportunities for independent self-assessment and decision making by providing online information and advice that is easy to access, clear, relevant, and up to date.

This policy sets out our commitment to implement IAG standards and to support an entitlement for all learners.


To deliver a robust, impartial, unbiased, and effective IAG service to internal and external learners, organisations and key stakeholders, that is responsive and meets their needs, providing a comprehensive service that is able to meet national standards and requirements.

Strategic Aim

To enable potential learners on Aspire Training Teams government funded or commercial training programs and employers to make well informed and realistic decisions about training and development needs, which will aid career progression, help them select progression pathways (e.g., training, employment, further education) and support company training solutions and development).


  • To provide impartial, unbiased IAG in a form that is easily understood by the recipient.
  • To ensure IAG is treated confidentially as per the Data Protection Act and GDPR.
  • To ensure IAG promotes and embeds equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout all of the
  • To systematically monitor, review, evaluate and continually improve our IAG
  • To signpost learners to other competent organisations /services where the nature of the
  • query, interest or concern is out of scope of our capability/competence.

To ensure all learners are fully aware of progression opportunities available to them.



To provide learners, parents, guardians, support colleagues and applicants access to IAG, which is current, updated, reliable, easy to understand, fit for purpose and addresses the wide range of questions and concerns that might develop when considering engaging in learning and skills.

Our policy is to ensure IAG covers a range of activities and interventions that will help individuals to become more self-reliant and better positioned to manage their personal and career development, including training and learning. This includes embedding personalisation of learning into the ITP and program of learning, identifying individual learning needs and additional learning support where required, personal and social skills and Maths & English requirements, identification of vocational areas of learning for learners to embark on and development of employability skills, knowledge and understanding.


  1. To facilitate learners to understand the range of opportunities available via provision of clear information in a wide variety of contexts and formats which enables them to make informed and realistic decisions about their current and potential future vocational or personal needs based on accurate information.
  1. To evaluate and continuously improve our performance and measure distance travelled against:

▪ Learner responsiveness as evidenced in individual learner retention, qualification achievement data, which is mapped back to the IAG outcomes and is part of the process that informs the identification of the most appropriate program of learning, initial assessment processes and target setting for learners


▪ Process of embedding Equality and Diversity, Functional Skills and KCSIE and British Values into all aspects of IAG for the full cohort of learners

  1. To provide our IAG services completely free of charge to applicants/learners
  2. To overcome any learner perceived barriers and challenges to learning, development, and progression, encouraging an ethos of lifelong learning and finding learning and training solutions for all individuals, supported by effective curriculum plans and courses



To provide employers full access to IAG which is fit for purpose, current, updated, reliable, easy to understand and addresses the wide range of questions and challenges, issues and concerns that may develop during considering of and implementing training solutions. Our policy is to help employers develop their own business further by providing IAG on training solutions that meet individual employer needs.


  1. To offer and deliver government funded programs in specified vocational areas fully funded where possible to individuals who meet the Government Funding Body eligibility criteria
  2. To evaluate and continuously maintain and improve the quality of our performance and delivery and measure distance travelled against the following criteria


  • Employer surveys and feedback
  • Learner completions and success rates


  1. To offer to carry out Organisational Needs Analyses and Training needs analysis for employers and identify, deliver, or appropriately signpost employers to organisations who can provide effective training solutions.


  1. To advise and support employers to understand any government initiatives and help them to register where necessary such as the Apprentice Service


  1. To ensure employers and mentors fully understand the requirements of the End Point Assessment (EPA)




To provide Aspire Training Team staff with effective IAG to enable them to continually develop their knowledge, understanding and expertise in specific areas, perform their own job role effectively and become an asset within the culture of Aspire Training Team.


  1. To enable our staff to recognise the extent of their own competencies and todirect them to the most appropriate internal and/or external sources who can address individual CPD (Continuous Professional Development) needs.


  1. To train all staff in IAG to a level that meets their job role and responsibilities ensuring continued professional development takes place within the PRAspire Training Team CPD and staff training calendar of events as identified in the Training Needs Analysis


  1. To evaluate and continuously improve our performance measuring distance travelled against:
  • Staff retention
  • Staff Continuous Personal Development
  • Staff Appraisals and Aspire Training Team Training Needs Analysis
  • Induction training plans and action plans


  1. To continue to develop effective strategies and take effective action to improve the company performance through our employees that is in turn supportive of leaners.


  1. To maintain our team ethos and Aspire Training Team Values


IAG Promotion

  • Promotional Materials are circulated to main referral organisations
  • Aspire Training Team staff attend shows and career events
  • The Marketing team ensures that information supplied on promotional materials, sites are reviewed regularly and kept up to date.


  • Aspire Training Team Recruitment Advisors, Business Development and Trainers.

Advisors are responsible for providing information advice and guidance to prospective applicants on recruitment to Aspire Training Team programs.

  1. a) To provide learners with on program support to retain learners and enable them to successfully complete their qualifications / program curriculum standards.


  1. b) To provide learners with guidance on exit from Aspire Training Team programs in relation to employment opportunities and career advancement

• The Director of Quality & Audit and members of the Senior Management Team has responsibility for line managing and quality assuring the front line IAG services.

Quality Assurance & Evaluation

  • The provision of IAG services is quality assured via the collection and analysis of participant feedback, and analysis of key performance data in respect of learner retention achievement and progression. Aspire Training Team SLT are responsible for monitoring the front-line delivery, including the observation of the IAG service, and identifying areas for continuous improvement
  • The outcomes from feedback and from the SLT will be subject to discussion at routine Operations Meetings.


  1. 100% IAG reviews completed for all learners on a learning programme.
  2. To ensure 100% of learners are on the correct programme following IA meetings
  3. To ensure customer satisfaction is maintained at Very good or Excellent
  4. To ensure QAR achievement Rates are 70% or above in all funded areas
  5. To secure 60% of NEETS progress to employment, apprenticeship or FE
  6. To ensure 100% of staff are suitably qualified to deliver effective IAG
  7. To check learners/employers understanding of Safeguarding/Prevent and British Values throughout learning programmes
  8. To support all learners to develop effective behaviours and personal development skills to achieve their goals and ambitions in life.
  9. To ensure we have appropriate resources for all IAG interventions across the learner journey.

What IAG recipients can expect

Our Aspire Training Team Staff: –
  • to treat you with respect
  • to have developed current occupational competence, undertaken specific training, and are qualified with current and updated knowledge and understanding of qualifications and routes
  • to be able to access up to date information on training and tell you about it
  • will ensure confidentiality (exception being in cases of safeguarding discloses where confidentiality cannot be maintained for legal reasons)
Aspire Training Team as a company will:-
  • work towards achieving accreditation to national IAG quality standards
  • continue with external accreditation of our IAG via Matrix assessment
  • continue to improve the service we provide
  • provide you with effective signposting to other services
  • embed quality initiatives through the ESFA
  • continue to provide effective and robust staff training and CPD
How you can help us to improve our services Aspire Training Team will:-
  • welcome suggestions for improvement
  • offer you the chance to say what you think about the IAG and provision you were offered/given
  • tell you who to contact and what to do if you’re not happy with any of our services
  • collate and analyse feedback from the learner and employer

Signed for on behalf of Aspire Training Team


Sam King, CEO


This policy is reviewed and updated annually. Next review date is 11/2024