If I want to do an apprenticeship at my existing job will my pay drop?

At Aspire Training Team, we offer apprenticeships in childcare, business & administration, customer service and leadership & management.

Apprenticeships for existing staff

Traditional perceptions of apprentices are that they can only be entry-level school leavers or labour-intensive workers. But this idea is evolving, with the employer-led redesign of apprenticeship standards, apprenticeships are more highly valued training and education routes, which emphasise quality, knowledge and practical skills.

In many workplaces existing staff are on apprenticeships, or thinking of starting one, to help them gain new skills and qualifications. Many employers are investing in apprenticeships for new managers, to help them get the right skills in line with industry standards. Ultimately, an apprenticeship isn’t just for entry-level school leavers but really a highly intensive training and qualification opportunity for anyone. To dive in a bit more into this, we talked about what the concept of  upskilling your existing staff and enhancing expertise from within business

What does this mean for your wages?

If you’re already working and you want to do an apprenticeship and gain a qualification related to your current job then your pay should stay the same. This is because existing staff will already have a contract of employment covering pay and conditions, such as holiday entitlement. Starting an apprenticeship should not affect these, or the permanence of a contract, even if the apprenticeship is time-bound.


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