Kasia Kruczek-Christian – National Apprenticeship Week Learning Journey

During National Apprenticeship Week 2021, Aspire Training Team asked learners how they have started to “Build the future.” Whilst we received a number of great applications, there were two learners highlighted by the judges that particularly stood out.  

It was a very close call between the top two, and we are pleased to announce Kasia to be our winner! Congratulations Kasia!

Take a look at Kasia’s learning journey in her own words below… 


Kasia said “My life motto is ‘The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling’ Fabienne Fredrickson.

I am passionate about childcare and each day is unique for me, just like a child. I believe that we all are capable of doing and learning new things in our own time, place and style.

I am very creative, fun and a dependable person with experiences from the children’s centres, nurseries, clubs, schools and Au Pair in America Programme. I am a happy mother of two gorgeous, bilingual girls; an example of a family where a child grows happily and learns two languages (Polish and English) at the same time. We love meeting with people, exploring outdoors, playing with the natural object, being imaginative and creative.

I have a degree in Tourism however childcare has been always around me.

My passion to the childcare was growing around me since the College times, where I have been working as a camp counsellor. After finishing my studies, I have decided to work as an au-pair in America. Fantastic two years, where on the top of my nanny duties, I have been studying language and work at the local churches play groups and some local toddler groups getting some experience.

After my first child was born, in 2010 I was excited to attend various setting with her and this is how I have discovered Children Centres.  We both have absolutely loved meeting with friends at local groups. We have both met lots of fantastic people there and made great friendships.  I have started volunteering for the local children centres, first at the polish groups and not much longer for the others, such as bilingual groups.

Therefore, about 8 years ago I decided to get new qualifications -in childcare-and do what I am loving the most. I found myself as a very active, motivated and hardworking person.

In 2012 I have officially undertaken voluntary work at the Surestart and preschools since 2014. These experience not only helped me with my studies but changed my future.

I have met many valuable people who inspired me a tremendously.

I was successfully co-leading a Polish Speaking Group ‘’Szkrab Poole’’ at the Old Town Children Centre.

I am one of the organizers of the First Polish Library for Polish Children and Families in Poole and area (Central Library).

In June 2014 I took a part in a new big, exciting project- opening the first ABC Polish Saturday School in Poole for the Polish Community.  I am one of the founders and a teacher.

I am enthusiastic and happy to develop my career and working towards Level 3 Early Years Educator Diploma has been just a pleasure. I am so passionate to listen to so many professionals around the world and discover new approached and ideas.

I have done my Level 2 with Poole and Bournemouth College, in 2014. (Working 3 days a week and volunteering for the children centres the other 3 days in a week.  Busy mom…)

Just after finishing my Level 2 course I decided to study Further. But I had to first get my GCSE’s due to the new law changes…Yes… so I dedicated two years for extra studies, and I got my GCSEs.

Then I had a 2nd baby, and in 2019 started my Level 3 with Little Beans….that I have finish, well almost!”


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