How to keep a Food Diary?

Keeping track of everything you eat and drink for a few days can be a helpful tool for you to understand your normal eating habits and if you need to change anything such as portion sizes, or the way in which you prepare meals. You can include as much detail as you like, but it is important to remember to include all your food and drink (regardless of how small!) to get a realistic interpretation of your diet! It might also be interesting to record how you were feeling when you ate (e.g. stressed, happy) to determine any links between your emotions and eating habits.

Below is an example food diary:

Day Time Food description Amount
Monday 7.30am Bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk

Cup of tea with semi skimmed milk


1 cup

10am Croissant

Medium latte



12.30pm Cheese and ham sandwich on brown roll


1 slice of cheddar

1 slice of ham

40g packet of crisps

1.30pm Grapes Handful
4.15pm Yogurt 150g low fat
4.30pm Cup of tea with semi skimmed milk 1 cup
6.45pm Beef lasagne


Packet of Maltesers

Red wine

500g portion

Lettuce, tomatoes

25g packets

Small glass – 275ml

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