Apprentice Benefits

An apprenticeship is a job that comes with training, support, and career progression as standard. Apprenticeships are a good way to learn on the job and can be more suited to visual and ‘ hands-on’ learners. Employers will teach you the exact skill set needed for a specific job, leaving you with both knowledge and experience, as well as a full qualification. An apprenticeship is great for getting you started in an industry of your choice and gives you a good start point for future employment.

Here are a few more benefits of an apprenticeship:

  • Earn a salary of at least apprenticeship minimum wage
  • No learning costs, debt, or student finance
  • Receive all employee benefits
  • Meet new people and challenges

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Earn whilst you learn

Apprenticeship salary varies depending on your age and your employer, but it will always be the same or above the apprenticeship minimum wage. The current apprentice minimum wage for new starters is £4.15 per hour. But if you’re over the age of 19, or as soon as you begin the second year of your training, your apprenticeship pay must meet the national or living wage that your age entitles you to.

Minimum wage rates:

  • 23 and over – £9.50
  • 21-22 – £9.18
  • 18-20 – £6.83
  • Under 18 – £4.81
  • Apprentice – £4.81


No learning costs

Don’t worry: unlike some school leaver options, like further education or university, it won’t cost you a penny to do an apprenticeship, no matter what age you are. Employers often access government funding to help with costs like training and wages.

Receive all employee benefits

Apprentices working more than 33 hours a week are entitled to the same benefits as everyone else in the workplace.

These include:

  • Sick pay
  • At least 20 days’ paid holiday a year
  • Statutory maternity/paternity pay and maternity/paternity leave
  • Any other benefits your employer offers

Meet new people and challenges

Whilst doing an apprenticeship, you’ll be in the workplace for most of the week. This means you’ll have plenty of time to bond with your co-workers and meet new people. Furthermore, workplaces are making more of an effort to increase social events so that colleagues can socialise and continue to form friendships.


Student Discount

As an apprentice, you are entitled to receive student discount with the NUS Apprentice Extra Card. The Apprentice extra card gives you exclusive discounts from 100’s of companies for just £11 & is valid for a full 12 months.

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